What is Mokuso? 黙想

goju ryu karate meditation mokuso okinawan seiza 黙想 Jul 16, 2021

Mokuso... seiza!

Mokuso is a type of martial arts meditation practiced in Japanese martial arts including Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate. Mokuso meditation (Silent Focus) is performed before and after our Karate training sessions in order to prepare and clear the mind.

Mokuso (黙想) does NOT mean "close your eyes". It is composed of two characters (黙) and (想). The first is (黙), which means to be still or quiet. The second is (想), which means to contemplate. So, it means “to be quiet and contemplate”.

Seiza, is a kneeling meditation position, you want to keep your spine and neck straight, so avoid crossing your feet.

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