Sensei Ben Hutton

A lineage of life time martial artists and a passion for Okinawan Goju Ryu tradition

The Karate-Do Journey So Far

Words from Sensei Ben Hutton

After seeing the Karate kid at the age of 12 he decided that Karate was for him.  So he decided to join the local Goju Kai club.  He trained on and off for the next two years until he was no longer able to get a lift to class.  Unfortunately his parents decided not to support another sport and the fellow student’s who was providing a lift moved away.  Living on a farm well out of town made getting to class impossible at the time.

So Karate for the present had to be left in the past and he focused on a different type of study.  Having a fascination for Science, Technology and Music he immersed himself in Computers and Programming plus taught himself the electric guitar.

Karate was however had an allure that wouldn’t be denied.  After receiving a Certificate and Diploma in Information Technology and following on with a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering he decided it was time to continue training.  He was going to a gym before the final year of study but found the training to be dull and mind numbingly repetitive.

So the day after graduating university he walked into a dojo and has been training ever since.  In the first style (Go Kan Ryu) he progressed all the way to Shodan (1st Dan) and was also teaching a class.  Due to a lack of depth and practicality in what was being taught he decided to do research into the origins of Karate.  After discovering Bunkai (the application of kata), Hojo Undo (supplementary Strength and Conditioning) plus the lack of interest of fellow Sensei, he decided to find someone who could teach him the advanced parts of the art.

While investigating the original Karate styles he came to see Okinawan Goju Ryu as the style that spoke to him the most.  With its circular/evasive techniques coupled with a focus on strength and conditioning. All he had to do now was find a qualified instructor.

When contacting the IOGKF (International Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate do Federation) looking for Okinawan Goju Ryu instructors, he was advised to contact Sensei Terry Lyon.

After contacting Sensei Lyon and doing one on one training in Hojo Undo he was hooked.  He was impressed by Sensei Lyons depth of knowledge and humble, approachable nature.  Sensei Lyon then invited him to come to a regular class and now ten years later Sensei Lyon has encouraged him to open up his own Dojo.

During the last ten years he has had the privilege to train with some of the most gifted and dedicated Martial artists he has every seen, including Sensei’s Graham Ravey, Terry Lyon and Jim Gloriod.  He is also passionate about promoting the essence of the TOGKA (Traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate-do Association) in preserving the traditions set by Miyagi Chojun Sensei while keeping politics out of the Dojo.

Sensei Ben Hutton - 2021 TOGKA Bassendean

"I have met and trained with hundreds of martial artists. Every so often you come across someone who has that 'It factor' combined with decades of training that creates a true martial artist. Sensei Ben is one of those rare few that take Karate to that high level rarely seen anymore. An amazing practitioner of Karate in every sense."

Eddie Skerritt
The Institute of Martial Arts